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Key Offerings

Revenue Assurance Solution

Cash Accepting machine, Enumeration and GIS solutions, Revenue collection & Remittances, Field Study and Data Integrity solutions, Protection and Tracking, Training

Document Security & Protection

Document with various verifiable security features (Overt, Covert, Forensic), Brand & Product Protection Solutions, Security Papers, Secure Labels, RFID Solutions, Library Management Solutions, Optical Mark Reader & Solutions (OMR)

Access Controls Solutions

Barrier arms & Controller, Toll infrastructure, Door Access control & Biometric Solutions, Smart Lockers & Parcel Boxes, Estates and Residential Area access solutions, Tourist sites Revenue solutions

Ticket Media Services & Solutions

Queue Management solutions, Queue Savers, Auto fare Collection systems, Single use Paper Tickets with verifiable Security features Loyalty Solutions…

Identity Solutions

Secure Identity cards with verifiable security features, Multifunction Identity Cards, Registrations & Management

Parking services & solutions

Off-Street Parking Solutions, On-Street Parking Solutions, Outsource your Parking site, Parking Guidance systems, Vehicle tracking solutions

Software and
Mobile Apps

QMS Software
AFC Software Parking Software
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Global and Trusted Products

News and Innovation


VeriDoc Global Partners with Tacoms International Limited

VeriDoc Global is pleased to announce a partnership with Tacoms …

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security paper1

Anticovid Papers

Document Security Management Solutions (DSMS), a Division of TacomsGroup and …

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Nanobrick & Tacoms International Collaborates

Nanobrick & Tacoms International Collaborates on Magnetic Color Variable Material …

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OEM Partners

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