Nanobrick & Tacoms International Collaborates

Nanobrick & Tacoms International Collaborates


NANOBRICK in collaboration with Tacoms International, has introduced a unique security protection for Document and Products in Nigeria to combat Fraud and provide specialized on-the -spot Authentication procedure.

NANOBRICK creates innovative Nanoparticle Performance Material Inspired by Nature such as MTX (Magnetically Color Tunable Photonic Crystal Material) among others ,using Magnetic color variable material technology. MTX is a magneto-color variable photonic crystal nanotechnology. The photonic crystals that form nanoparticles are the representative core technology of nano bricks that are made to achieve color according to the intensity of the magnetic field and the arrangement and distance adjustment of the nanoparticles. It is the only technology that has been successfully mass-produced in the world and is applied in various ways to security materials, applied products, and functional products.

Other color shifting technologies use color particles and color filters, but MTX technology has the technology to realize a variety of colors by perfectly adjusting the magnetic field in a single material. MTX is Ideal for Brand protection, Genuine authentication, Financial banknotes, Security document, Automotive Parts, Home Appliances, Medical Equipment, etc.

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